How to get a Loan

1. MLS Information sheet which should include:
 Legal Description of Property Property Taxes Lot size/acreage Zoning Public or private sewer/water

2. Copy of contract, including all counters or amendments:

3. Social Security Numbers:

4. Employment for the past two(2) years which should include:
 Names and addresses (including zip code)  Latest pay stub (prefer last 2 pay periods)  Any overtime
 Any other sources of income (please include names and addresses)  If self-employed, bring copies of your income tax return for the past two(2) years  Work phone numbers of present employer
 Last year's W-2 form  Base income  Any bonuses
 Any commissions
5. Complete names, addresses, and zip codes of lending/banking institutions, account numbers, approximate balance and monthly payment amounts:
 Checking  Savings  Profit Sharing
 IRA  Stocks/Bonds  US Saving Bonds
 All Life Insurance  Money Markets  Vested Retirement, 401k
6. Debts:
 Auto Loan/Leases  Education loans  Any other loans
 Charge card balances  Furniture Loans
7. Present housing expenses:
 Monthly mortgage/rent  Maintenance  Utilities  Insurance

8. Non-refundable application fee (approximately $300-$500) which covers the cost of the appraisal and credit report. This is due at the time of the actual loan application. No fee is charged for a pre-qualification, unless a credit report is ordered.

9. Name, address and phone number of your attorney:

10. Other real estate owned:
 Address of property  Type of property  Utilities
 Maintenance  Present market value  Gross and net rental income
 Schedule E tax return  Tax  Mortgage/Lien amount
 Mortgage Holder

11. If you receive social security, disability or pension, bring a copy of a check or award certificate from that agency.

12. If VA loan, please furnish a copy of DD-214 or Certificate of Eligibility.

13. If you have been divorced, provide a copy of your divorce decree and separation agreement.

12. Provide necessary paper if you have declared bankruptcy in the past seven(7) years.

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